Chronological index 2013–2018

Time now for tumor mutational burden?

November 2018—Like a piece of so-called sticky music, cutoff numbers can persist in physicians’ minds outside of any real clinical value and, in the process, leave their laboratory colleagues mildly befuddled (not to mention searching for more useful cutoffs). Such a jingle is creeping into tumor mutational burden. Lauren Ritterhouse, MD, PhD, co-director of the clinical genomics laboratory at the University of Chicago, recalls early conversations about TMB at her institution. Amid discussions about how and when to implement the testing, one colleague announced to all assembled that the cutoff number should be 100.

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APM case report: Detection of concurrent hematologic malignancies in solid tumor NGS testing may cause false-positive results

November 2018—CAP TODAY and the Association for Molecular Pathology have teamed up to bring molecular case reports to CAP TODAY readers. AMP members write the reports using clinical cases from their own practices that show molecular testing’s important role in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. The following report comes from Weill Cornell Medicine.

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Inside the Color Atlas of Mycology: Candida famata

November 2018—Color Atlas of Mycology: An Illustrated Field Guide Based on Proficiency Testing is a new book from CAP Press, released in October. It is designed to help in identifying fungi using the most recent taxonomic classifications. In it is more than 15 years of proficiency testing data to highlight diagnostic clusters of incorrect identifications and address conceptual classification issues. Following is an excerpt from the section on yeast.

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On Roche m 511 analyzer, ‘everything is done from the slide’

November 2018—Roche Diagnostics will soon launch its m 511 analyzer for hematology laboratories. Krista Curcio, Roche technical marketing manager, hematology, told us, in a recent conversation with CAP TODAY publisher Bob McGonnagle, how and why the new instrument is different. “We’re turning it upside down and going a different way,” she said of the m 511. Here is more on the instrument Roche will launch before year’s end.

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Fresh incentive to look for Ph-like ALL

October 2018—Cheryl Willman, MD, could hardly believe her eyes. She and her colleagues at the University of New Mexico, working with collaborators from across the U.S. in the NCI TARGET Project, had submitted 100 cases of high-risk pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia to British Columbia’s Cancer Agency for RNA sequencing to figure out why patients were doing so poorly, despite treatment with intensive chemotherapy. Now the results were in. Dr. Willman, the Maurice and Marguerite Liberman distinguished chair in cancer research and UNM distinguished professor of pathology, vividly recalls the scene.

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