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Disease state sera, plasma products

August 2018—Binding Site’s Immunologicals Group has added infectious and contagious disease state sera and plasma products to its line of products. The human-based serum/plasma biological materials cover a variety of infectious and contagious disease state conditions, including Epstein-Barr virus, influenza, measles, mumps, TORCH, and West Nile. Evaluation samples are available and all materials come in bulk formats for use in the manufacturing of calibration and quality control materials. The company offers comprehensive data on analyte positives and negatives along with a certificate of analysis.

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QIAseq NGS panels, PCR kit

August 2018—Qiagen launched the QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels and UCP Multiplex PCR Kit with a new generation of reagents to enable accurate microbial community profiling from complex microbiome samples. The UCP Multiplex PCR Kit is a standalone product as well as a component of the QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels.

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Health Canada approves Panther Fusion

August 2018—Hologic has obtained approval from Health Canada for its Panther Fusion system and Panther Fusion assays for respiratory virus infections. The Panther Fusion module adds the capacity to run PCR assays in addition to tests based on transcription-mediated amplification, the proprietary Hologic chemistry that powers the company’s Aptima brand.

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ABL acquires CDL Pharma

August 2018—Luxembourg-based Advanced Biological Laboratories has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CDL Pharma. CDL Pharma, headquartered in France, provides biological sample management solutions in clinical research for pharmaceutical laboratories, contact research organizations, biotechnology companies, and others.

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Ortho Vitros XT 7600 gets CE mark

August 2018—Ortho Clinical Diagnostics received the CE mark for the Ortho Vitros XT 7600 integrated chemistry system. The digital chemistry is based on three technologies: dry slide, microslide, and digital imaging. Dry slide technology does not require water to run, which eliminates the risk of poor water quality affecting test results.

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