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Cancer Biomarkers Conference III

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Houston Methodist Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine is presenting its Cancer Biomarkers Conference III, Sept. 15–16, at the Houston Methodist Research Institute.

More than 20 speakers will cover topics such as updates on PD-L1 testing for lung cancer, urologic cancers, and melanoma, the current approach to using cytology specimens for biomarker testing, the oncologist’s approach to TKI therapy, and many more.

The conference’s educational objectives include distinguishing the proper collection, management, and submission of pathology specimens for cancer biomarker testing; stating the clinical rationale for patient selection and treatment based on cancer biomarkers; defining regulations and billing for molecular testing focused on cancer biomarker testing; and describing the most current biomarkers and testing guidelines for multiple solid cancers and hematologic cancers.

For further event details, go to events.houstonmethodist.org/cancerbiomarkers.


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