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ArcherDx, Ambry Genetics partnership, 5/18

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May 2018—ArcherDx and Ambry Genetics announced a partnership in which Ambry will provide biopharma sequencing services using ArcherDx’s next-generation sequencing assays. Ambry Genetics will utilize Archer Immunoverse and VariantPlex NGS assays to provide large-scale immune repertoire analysis and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell manufacturing characterization and pharmacodynamics to biopharma customers.

The assays are based on ArcherDx’s Anchored Multiplex PCR technology and will target B- and T-cell receptor complementarity-determining regions to assess quantitative changes in the immune repertoire. The technology will also target CAR-T vectors to investigate the engineered T-cell repertoire over the course of autologous CAR-T cell manufacturing and treatment. Archer assays will also map the diversity of CAR-T integration sites and estimate the transduction efficiency and copy number of integration events.

ArcherDx, 303-357-9001

Ambry Genetics, 949-900-5500


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