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Apoptotic cell-free DNA amplification kit, 2/18

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February 2018—Sygnis, based in Heidelberg, Germany, announced the launch of its TruePrime Apoptotic Cell-Free DNA Amplification Kit, under its Expedeon brand. The kit enables accurate DNA amplification using cfDNA obtained from plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and other bodily fluids.

One of the main challenges for cell-free DNA analysis is the limited amount obtained from any bodily fluid, which affects the number and type of tests that can be performed. The TruePrime apoptotic cfDNA amplification kit aims to provide a solution by exponentially amplifying cell-free DNA derived from apoptosis cell-death mechanism. The kits provide users with excellent sensitivity, error-free amplification in high yields, and a streamlined workflow.

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